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Our dance parties are special because we give more entertainment than any other ballroom in town:

  • Live Jazz band: 

          2nd Tuesday, 7-9pm

  • Salsa Social   1st Friday: 9:30pm-Midnite
  • Ballroom General Dance: 

          4th Friday, 7-9:30pm

  • Shag practice:       EVERY Friday, 8-9pm (following group class)
  • Summer Jazz & Dance Series:

​​          Fridays 7-9 pm (see calendar)

  • Line, & Club Dance: 

          1st & 3rd Saturday 7:30- 9:30pm

Dance Classes


Have a special personal or corporate event that requires a clean but fun venue with plenty of parking? We can accommodate events of almost every size and stripe at a reasonable price. Call 803.908.3948 or Contact Dorothy Team at 803.312.4042



7:00pm Kizomba Improvers class

8:00pm Kizomba Foundations class


7:00pm Wedding Dance class


7:00pm Level I & II Ballroom class


7:00pm Salsa class


7:00pm Shag class​

At Blue Moon Ballroom, our private dance lessons in West Columbia give you more individual attention because you have the floor to yourself. Lessons are never booked together in the same room. This means more quality instruction, and gives you the ability to focus on the lesson. No other studio does this!